So what’s this new pub going to be like?

First and foremost, we’re creating an intimate, relaxing community space. We’ll be designing the layout to encourage conversation but with enough room for you to take up a corner by yourself if you prefer.

It’s a pub full of regulars, where a visitor to Liverpool can walk in and immediately be welcomed, feeling like they’ve drank there for years. A place to call home when you’re out.

The fact that we’re a Social Enterprise won’t be evident, unless you take the time to read some of our literature that we’ll produce. We fully expect that anyone who happens upon us by chance will leave without even being aware of our charitable aims – it’s not something we’re going to push down people’s throats.

Ultimately, we will succeed purely on the virtue of being a boss little boozer, not on the work we do in the community – that’s just a bonus.

The drinks

Our first love is beer. Both cask real ale and craft beer on keg or in bottles and cans. And that will be the focus of the bar.

We envisage 4-6 real ale handpumps, most likely all will have rotating ‘guest’ ales, though we may have one permanent featured ale. We’ll likely have an additional handpump serving traditional ‘real cider’.

Additionally, we’ll have 4-8 keg taps. We’ll have one or two permanent lagers (yes, really) on tap for the non-ale drinkers, one keg cider and the rest will be guest craft beers from breweries both local, national and international.

Spirits will see a relatively small but carefully curated collection of gins, whiskies, rums and vodkas. We’re fortunate enough to have some excellent small, independent distilleries on our doorstep for many of these, and we’ll keep them as local as possible (The whiskies might be a stretch there!).

There’ll also be a small but lovely wine selection as well as some tasty and perhaps unusual soft drinks.

The location

“Whereabouts are you going to be?” is possibly the question we’ve been asked most since announcing our plans.

The short answer is, we don’t know! We’re currently scoping out numerous vacant properties – sadly there’s a bit of reluctance on the part of many landlords about converting their property into a pub.

We’re aiming for the city centre and the ‘immediate suburbs’ – we don’t want to be a massive trek from town that makes us a real mission for someone from the other end of the city, or out of the city, to visit.

The Food

Crisps? Seriously, we’re opening a ‘boozer’s boozer’ and won’t be offering any food beyond something to soak up a bit of beer before you go out/home for your dinner.

Our passion and experience is in beer and spirits; adding a kitchen into the mix would dilute what we’re really good at and ultimately, we’d be a worse pub for it. We’ll leave the food stuff to people who do that well.

The music

The soundtrack to the pub is very much the soundtrack to our lives. Being in our late 30s and early 40s, expect a playlist predominantly 80s and 90s, plus a bit from decades either side.

Echo & The Bunnymen, The Smiths, New Order, Foo Fighters, Culture Club, Oasis and Deep Purple will all feature.

The decor

This is the bit that’s most unplanned, purely because we don’t know what our space will be like – we’ll be likely moving into a space that has never been a pub before, so we’ll be working with what we’ve got.

Ideally, we’re aiming for a shabby but homely feel.  Think painted brickwork, weathered woodwork, furniture that’s been repurposed from other items, gin bottles made into lamps.

And what about the charitable stuff?

in the pub

As we’ve said, first and foremost what you’ll notice is how much of a boss little bar we are. Our charitable work won’t be ‘in your face’ when you’re having a drink.

That said, depending on the premises, we’d like to be able to offer a separate room – a little function/meeting room.  Like any other pub, we’ll hire it out for private events but more importantly, it’s their to use for community groups whose aims match ours, to use free of charge.

We’ll also be looking to collaborate with action and support groups dealing with poverty to host surgeries and workshops outside of our normal opening hours.

behind the scenes

As a Social Enterprise, we have legal restraints on how we can use our profits.  Most importantly, we are unable to disperse money to any individual or organisation that is not a charity or social enterprise. This is called an ‘asset lock’ – we legally cannot give ourselves a nice little windfall because the bar’s being doing well – all our profits have to go to other charitable organisations.

We intend to divide how we put our profits to good use into two distinct groups.  First will be a group of ‘regular beneficiaries’ – charities who are on the frontline of poverty action – helping the homeless, families, etc. etc. day in day out.

As well as those, we will set aside another portion of our profits on a quarterly basis from which organisations can apply for funding from. If, in the event that there is leftover funds in this allocation, we will make further donations to our regular beneficiaries.

As with other Social Enterprises, as required by law, we will regularly publish our finances including a breakdown of the good causes we’ve donated to.