Every Submission Counts, especially Pubby McPubface

So last night we were having a chat about the social phenomoeno that is the Nouny McNounface format whenever a project opens its naming to the wider public. As soon as we launched on Twitter 8 days ago, subtweets and retweets appeared aplenty with “Pubby McPubface” – well of course they did, it’s the de facto response…. and we love it.

Ok, we don’t love it so much that we actually want to open a pub called Pubby McPubface but the label fits the fact that we’re opening our naming to you, the public, we’re a Pubby McPubface.

So we decided that we would recognise all of the name submissions in the pub itself.  Our preferred way of doing it is in the form of a huge ‘word cloud’ on a wall somewhere.  For those of you who don’t know how they work, they’re a collection of words or phrases where the ‘count’ of the word/phrase gives it extra size. In the example in this article, the word ‘malt’ is the most popular/frequent word followed by ‘barley’ and ‘beer’.

So even if your submission isn’t picked out of the hat randomly, it will still appear in the pub for prosperity – and if you get your friends and colleagues on board with your suggestion and they submit it too, it’ll appear more prominently – maybe even more than the actual pub name itself!!