This is it, your chance to decide the name of Liverpool's newest, and most revolutionary, new pub.

Simply enter your chosen name in the box, select the number of tickets you want to enter and pay, that's it!

More info below on how this is all going to work.

NOTE: We're aware of a bug that means that after your transaction, you're redirected to an empty cart instead of the confirmation page.  Don't resubmit your suggestion/payment without checking for a confirmation email first - it's probably worked fine. If in doubt, give us a shout on Twitter and we'll check for you.

how it's going to work


This is the first round of crowdfunding for our vision of a Social Enterprise bar.  These funds will help fund the initial legal, licensing and planning costs as we search for a premises.

We've set an allocation of 2000 tickets, each will be given an equal entry into the draw.  Entering multiple tickets for the same name will give you more of a chance of being the winning name.

There will be names which won't be considered - see the separate list - but we'll still take your money! Those tickets won't be reallocated.

Once all tickets have been claimed, we'll do a live draw in a pub in Liverpool - you'll be welcome to attend. We'll also broadcast the draw live on Twitter.

And that will be that, we'll have a name - for better or worse.



Naturally enough, there's a limit to what we'll accept as a name - as funny as Peep Show is, we're really not going to open The Swan and Paedos! At the end of the day, we decide what's offensive or not.

Names that meet any of the following criteria will be excluded from the draw:

  • Homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, misogynistic etc. 
  • Sweary or just generally offensive as fuck.
  • Named after a living person of note - it's ok to name the pub after your nan, but not a celebrity or politician etc.
  • Named after a deceased person who's a dickhead - we're not opening The Hitler Hotel or Thatcher's Tap.
  • Non-generic names of other, local pubs. (Red Lion is fine, Hard Times & Misery is not).
  • Legally problematic names - generally things like Trademarked terms, band names etc.

We may add to this list as entries come in - chances are we've missed something.  If you submit a name which we later decide is unsuitable, we will allow that entry as you'll have submitted it in good faith based on the rules we've given above.  Further entries for it will be excluded.